All You Need To About The Consumer Electronics Show

Every first week of January each year tech fanatics, bloggers, websites and all with interest in consumer electronics will be talking about one thing, the Consumer Electronics Show. All attention will be routed to Las Vegas for one of the world’s most popular technology event, the Consumer Electronics Show.

The Consumer Electronics Show isn’t new for many lovers of new technology for they may have been following it for some time now. But it is for those who have just heard about it and would want to know more about it. This post explains in the simplest, WTF the Consumer Electronics Show is about and by the time you get to the bottom of the page, you would know why bloggers and bloggers and websites and news networks are all talking about the Consumer Electronics Show.

consumer electronics show

The Consumer Electronics Show is the stage where new, cutting-edge consumer electronic technologies go on display. For more than 50 years it has been the hub where the makers of consumer electronics  manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems meet to show to the world what technologies they have for the future.

The show features products in categories including 3D printing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Computer Hardware and Software, Drones, Health and Biotechnology, Robotics, Smart Homes, Vehicle and Wearable Technology that are designed for the consuming market are announced year on year including  those that have changed our lives.

Most of the big names in consumer electronics including Samsung, LG, Dell, Apple, Panasonic, Nvidia, Intel, and Google do show up at the three day event in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. That will make you think the CES is just an event for the gurus. No! Smaller companies will be there too. Start-up companies who have something to offer all take part in each year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

consumer electronics show

Among the innovations showcased at the CES over the years include the Video Cassette Recorder exhibited in 1970, High Definition Television (HDTV) in 1998, Microsoft Xbox and Plasma TV both in 2001 Consumer Electronics Show. OLED TV’s also came about in 2008.

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show opened doors for 3D Printers, Sensor Technology, Curved UHD, and Wearable Technologies. And in 2015 came 4K UHD, Virtual Reality, and Unmanned Systems among many others.

Now a bit of history…

The Consumer Electronics Show is organized each year by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the trade organization for the consumer electronics industry in the United States.

The first ever CES was held in New York City from June 24 to 28, 1967. At that time there were 200 exhibitors attracting some 17500 people. The latest pocket radios and TVs with integrated circuits made the headlines at that time. It has since been growing bigger and bigger. Here is how it’s going to be like in 2K17.

Consumer Electronics Show 2K17

CES 2017 has some 3,800 exhibiting companies and more than 165K participants from 150 countries worldwide. Making the CES one of the biggest consumer tech show on earth. The show stars officially on Thursday January 4, to January 8 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

I know you would want to hear interesting revelations. Stick to First Tech Blog. We’re into this together. I’ll bring to you all your eyes and ears must see and hear from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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